Decole Concombre Aroma Teacup - Oil Diffuser - Cat

Decole Concombre Aroma Teacup - Oil Diffuser - Cat

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Decole Concombre Aroma Teacup - Oil Diffuser - Calio Cat

Decole is one of the most popular household grocery brands in Japan, and its Concombre series is very popular all over Asia.

We are very happy to bring the Pinkoi brand to the Pinkoi shopping network, so that it is easier for supporters to buy what they want. Please introduce it to new friends who have never been in touch with Decole.

The Decole brand is constantly innovating, creating and designing many cute, funny and endearing gadgets. From the living room to the garden, from the kitchen to going out; from the bathroom to the room...every corner of home life has been thought of for you.

Japanese Decole Natural Aromatherapy Block - Animal Tea Ceremony: Let's relax together♪ Take a break with a cup of hot tea... the teacups held by the animals, adding some aromatherapy can add aroma. Cute design, unique and interesting animal shape, easy to use, a must for home! (This product does not contain aromatherapy oils)

how to use:
1. Drop your favorite or recommended aromatherapy oil on the unglazed natural aromatherapy teacup;
2. Aromatherapy oil will gradually penetrate into the body and emit fragrance naturally;