Aesthetik Kids - Teddy Bear Bed

Aesthetik Kids - Teddy Bear Bed

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Aesthetik Kids - Teddy Bear Bed

  • Size: Queen 
  • Dimension:  210 × 155 × 130 cm
  • Weight: 70kg
  • Color: Brown


  • Expertly crafted from solid high-quality beech and pine wood, building the beautiful finish and long-lasting construction.
  • Surface is made of ultra-comfy leathaire and premium upholstered fabrics, ensuring the safety and cozy to our kids.
  • Trusted lab certified to contribute to healthier indoor air, keeping our kids and our family safer.
  • Mattress platform is made of 100% solid wood slats for extra strength.
  • All Aesthetik Kids products are thoroughly tested and are compliant to meet or exceed Australian safety standards.
  • Aesthetik Kids exclusive.
All Aesthetik Kids products are designed to be easily assembled at home with the tools and instruction manuals provided. For metro-Melbourne customers, we offer complimentary assembly so you don't have to lift a finger. Aesthtik Kids products should be cleaned with warm water only. Please avoid the use of cleaning products that contain detergents or bleach. We do not advise the use of hot water as it may alter the properties of the materials.
All metro-Melbourne customers are eligible for free delivery on our products. For those customers outside of this area, shipping costs will be calculated at checkout.
Please check the return policy on the official website of Aesthetik Kids.