Jellycat Halloween at MeeQ

Hold onto your pumpkin spice lattes, because the Jellycat crew is rolling out the cuddly carpet for Halloween! Picture this: pumpkins, spiders, and gremlins in witchy attire—oh my! It's like a plushie costume party, and we're all invited.

First up, we've got the Ooky bat, the nocturnal charmer that's more bedtime buddy than spooky critter. Grizzo the gremlin is here, flaunting humongous ears and mini fangs. Sweet, not scary—that's how Jellycat rolls.

Now, brace yourself for Greta the gremlin, the ultimate trick-or-treating companion. Dressed to the nines in a witch costume, complete with purple fur, a witch's hat, and some seriously stylin' orange-and-black stripy socks. Talk about a fashionable gremlin!

But wait, there's more! The bashful bunny is a classic snuggler, perfect for birthdays or just because. Personalized bunny ears? Yes, please! And for all you baking enthusiasts, the pretty patisserie mille feuille and tarte aux fraise are like a plush pastry dream come true.

Calling all adults: the amuseable big aloe vera is the houseplant you never knew you needed—cute and cuddly, no watering required. The bashful dragon is here to prove that mythical creatures can be snuggle buddies too, with velvety wings and a sage green hue.

Now, for the little foodies and cafe aficionados, the amuseable burger is a must-have. Complete with outstretched bun arms and layers of cheese and salad—it's playtime with a side of giggles.

And the pièce de résistance? Otto the sausage dog! A stuffed animal named Otto? It's almost too adorable to handle. This 9cm x 17cm bundle of joy is suitable from birth, making it the perfect playmate for the tiniest tots.

So, which Jellycat creation has stolen your heart? It's a plushie paradise out there, and the fun is just getting started!